Filip Dominec

Graduated in Laser technology and electrical engineering from FNSPE CTU in Prague

Doctoral student at the Institute of Physics, Czech Academy of Sciences
Focused on computational electromagnetism and metamaterials

Contact: filip.dominec (a)


Simulations of electromagnetic waves with python-meep

FDTD computations can be fun! Hands-on tutorial on wave scattering, diffraction, surface plasmons, metamaterial behaviour etc.

Lorentz-Drude models of material permittivity

Permittivity models of gold, silicon, silica, sapphire etc., ready to be supplied to python-meep to get quantitatively accurate results from the simulations.

Testing the FDM algorithm on experimental data

Filter-diagonalisation method (FDM) can sometimes be superior to Fourier transform for spectral analysis, though it is far less used. I compare these methods on terahertz spectra of water vapor, showing the accuracy of FDM. Source codes included.


USB spectrometer

Using a linear CCD from a scanner, a diffractive element (such as a CD), ATMega8 microcontroller and some basic optics, one can easily build a handheld USB spectrometer with ca. 5 nm spectral resolution

Casting an optical table of concrete

A rigid platform for mechanical mounting of sensitive optical experiments can be made in every workshop with the procedure described. A Michelson interferometer is demonstrated that detects movement in order of several atomic distances.


A surprisingly simple board that can drive three (unipolar/bipolar) stepper motors simultaneously. Microstepping, tool PWM control and communication over USB are implemented in ATMega8 firmware. Circuit schematics and firmware supplied.

FiDoCNC - a circuit board manufacturing robot

A three-axis robot that engraves all connections, drills holes and finally cuts out whole board greatly speeds-up the workflow of electronics development. Supplied is a step-by-step plan to build it in a common workshop, along with open-source software.

Accurate sieving of microparticles

A novel approach to sieving of sub-millimetre particles is presented that selects a very narrow fraction of sizes and shapes, using intense sound vibration.


Printable A4 monthly calendar generator

based on Reportlab, saves a printable A4 table with days as rows and hours as columns. Whole years 2015-2025 available as 12-page PDF files.

Optical granulometry of microparticles

A script that processes a microscopic photograph into a statistics of particle sizes and ellipticity

How to make a DEB package with diacritics and spaces in filenames

The Debian/Ubuntu installer can not handle "unsafe" file names, but it allows to run post-installation scripts to change the names as needed. An example of packaging procedure for PPA.

Teaching / výuka

Seminář Python 2011/12 [cz]

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